Bio of Jaime Pressly

    Jaime Pressly was born in Kinston, North Carolina, on July 30th, 1977. The natural beauty began performing as a professional gymnast and dancer. Her classical dance instructor mother coached a young Jaime, who continued to practice gymnastics for 11 years. At the age of 15, the precocious teen legally emancipated from her parents, and began to appear behind movie cameras. Jaime Pressly made her big screen debut in the 1997 film, Poison Ivy: New Seduction; Jaime Pressly was offered the role after appearing as Drew Barrymore's body double in the original Poison Ivy film. After her role as a prostitute in Poison Ivy, Jaime appeared in the films Against the Law, The Journey: Absolution and Can't Hardly Wait, where it's safe to say that Jaime Pressly stole the show from Jennifer Love Hewitt. That same year, Jaime Pressly appeared in the Jerry Springer film Ringmaster, and was cast as C.J. Callum in Trash and in Coyote Moon, as Dottie. Jaime pressly also starred in The Adventures of Joe Dirt (with David Spade); Tomcats (with Shannon Elizabeth); Ticker and can now be seen in the TV show My Name is Earl.

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