Bio of Jolene Blalock

    Jolene Blalock was born and raised in San Diego, where Jolene Blalock spent much of her free time on the beach, surfing. Jolene Blalock left home at 17 to model in Europe and Asia. Modeling brought her back to California (this time to Los Angeles) in 1998 and after booking a few commercials Jolene Blalock was encouraged to pursue acting. Jolene Blalock made her debut on television's "Veronica's Closet" Jolene Blalock quickly got casted in the made-for-television movies "Jason and the Argonauts" and "On the Edge". Jolene Blalock hit the big time when Jolene Blalock was cast as Subcommander T'Pol in the installment of the Star Trek franchise, Enterprise. With the success that Jeri Ryan brought to the show as Seven of Nine, Jolene is sure to make every man a Trekker. Most recently, Jolene Blalock guest-starred on the popular ABC drama, "LOST", as well as the miniseries, Diamond Hunters.

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